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Single Review: Faizan and Husen “Blinding Lights”

Witnessing musicians practice their craft is like nothing else in entertainment, and when it’s against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape, the resulting experience can be absolutely intoxicating. This is what we’re offered in the new music video for Faizan and Husen’s cut of “Blinding Lights,” and while they didn’t have to whisk us away to a tropical environment to make this material shine as brightly as it did with The Weeknd, their attention to detail is an undebatable reason for the luster this release has. It’s made a fan out of me, and I’m confident it will you as well. 

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This has got to be the softest arrangement of “Blinding Lights” I’ve heard so far, and though it’s a lot gentler in spirit than its globally-famous counterpart, that’s the main element of its allure. There’s nothing aggressive here; truthfully, everything is so peaceful that it often feels like the instrumentation is going to come apart at the seams from the force of a strong coastal wind. That never happens though, and at the conclusion of the track we feel as free and unburdened as our on-screen friends appear to be – only we didn’t have to get away to the islands to find the feeling. 

I didn’t know what to expect out of this instrumental rendition of “Blinding Lights,” but I can tell you that I certainly didn’t anticipate being as taken aback by the majestic tones here as I am today. Faizan brings on Husen for a collaboration they seem to have been born to partake in, and while I don’t think this is going to be an easy release for either act to top, I cannot wait to see both of them try in the future. Another collaborative project together would be brilliant, but until then this slice of heaven will have to suffice. 

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