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Album Review: Mauri Dark “Dreams Of A Middle Aged Man”

Hailing from Turku, a town on the southwest coast of Finland, born Mauri Kosonen, is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and professional visual artist. With a rebrand to Mauri Dark as a stage name, he has achieved quite a lot, including eight albums and over 500 shows in 25 years with different bands.

Being born and blessed with a unique sound in his deep low voice and skills that he displays on his guitar, Mauri Dark is an experienced musician and songwriter. For his self-produced-recorded-performed solo album, he got to work with his dream audio team. “Dreams of a Middle-Aged Man” is the album I am talking about. On this 10-track album, Dark works with associate producer Jussi Vuola, who also doubles as his bandmate, and a musical blood brother, mixing engineer/associate producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, famous for his work with HIM, Apocalyptica, and Amorphis. He also had Vlado Meller, who has previously worked with Johnny Cash, Metallica, and Michael Jackson, to mention just a few.

Dreams of a Middle-Aged Man

After being released in December of 2020 via EluccaArts, “Dreams of a Middle-Aged Man” has made a mark on the scene. Being Mauri Dark’s first solo album with all music and lyrics written by himself, we can say this is a new start for him. The album that features songs like; Poison woman, Worst enemy, Dreams of a middle-aged man, and X-Renegade, has received critical praise since its release. The album hit 50K streams on Spotify and was nominated for the ISSA Awards 2021 as “International Album of the Year.” In one of Mauri’s Instagram posts, the artist asked his fans who have always supported him to go ahead and vote for him in the ISSA Awards and thanked MTS Management Group / MTS Records and Michael Stover for making everything happen.

Mauri Dark mentioned this album is personal to him, emotional, honest, and an album full of moods and stories. “I have always wanted to make it,” he mentioned. All the songs on this album were made amidst the changes of breaking up from a 7-year relationship, the death of his mother to cancer, and finding happiness again. Mauri finally got married again. Right now, he has a daughter that is featured in one of his videos for the song “Love will prevail.”


The classic sound produced by Mauri Dark will indeed leave you wanting more, and more of him.  “We were born to loved” is what “Love will Prevail” focuses around, and if you want to listen to this ballad and all nine tracks that are featured on this album, follow any of Mauri Dark’s socials right below;





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