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Single Review: See Your Shadow “It Starts With Hello”

See Your Shadow has earned a reputation for good music with its distinct writing style, powerful lyricism, and colorful melodies. In “It Starts with Hello”, the band sticks with this similar style that has given them two chart-toppers in their previous two single releases.

See Your Shadow is a music-writing and creative entity based in Phoenix, consisting of talented musicians and instrumentalists. Its artistic director Michael Coleman is the brains of the group and is in charge of all the writing and production of the group’s music. His wit and proficient lyrical writing are the most significant contributors to the fast-growing band that emerged in Ohio. It has also earned him a nomination for the Office of Poet Laureate in the State of Ohio, the only professional songwriter to have achieved such an honor.

“It Starts with Hello” mirrors this incredible combination of talent, effort, and wit that See Your Shadow stands for. The song is simplistic in its approach, with a mellow guitar melody and soft accompanying drum beats that give the song a sanguine country and western feel. This simple melodic harmony and lyrics are what make the song a great listen, a testament to See Your Shadow’s ability to make a hit from the most unlikely subject matters.

Like every other songwriter, music inspiration is the driving force to every music production. According to the band’s songwriter, Michael Coleman, the inspiration for the music came out of the blue like most of his other songs. Every engagement and every interaction the whole world over starts with a simple hello. The message is timeless, with the music calling for peaceful and harmonious living throughout the world in “all cultures and traditions”. Like the band emphasizes in their latest track, “it all starts with hello”.

–Keith DuJour

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