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Single Review: HeIsTheArtist “If I Were A Virgin Again”

HeIstheArtist’s latest, “If I Were A Virgin Again” is a simple song with a clear and powerful message. The song captures the listener’s attention from the beginning, as the lyrics go, “she got pregnant at 16”. This is something that a lot of people can relate to, and therefore, a lot of people can feel this song.

This is how one feels about, how every choice that they make is perfect for them, and how they always choose to do things their own way, even when they wind up making some mistakes. This slow-paced song with some hip hop and R&B feels tries to reach out to you, making you understand how you wish you had not made a wrong choice, or how your life would have been much better, but it is more important that you learn from your mistakes. The beats of this song and the soft melody of the piano will stick in your mind for a long time.

“If I Were a Virgin Again” shows incredible growth and even more evolvement from the enigmatic singer-songwriter.


To listen to the song , click here.


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