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New Single “People Like you” by Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber has been on a musical journey since the age of three after being inspired by Disney princess movies. Her newest single “People Like you” is surely not the lyrics Cinderella had prepared for us. After giving her newest single a listen I ensure you will be left wanting more.

Many artist write about past experiences and attempt putting their emotions into words, not Sarah, after a few interview questions we learned that Sarah is dedicated to writing about her current feelings at the moment. Sarah prefers to go to the studio empty handed and get creative as she records. You really are getting the most authentic version of her with this process. Staying true to her fans is what represents this young singer/songwriter’s talent. It’s addicting to be apart of her world.

A lot like her influences, The Weeknd, Rihanna, and other sensual artist, it’s safe to say we get a personal outlook on Sarah’s needs. Talk about getting fired up! It’s truly an experience you will grow to love. Her newest single “People Like You” will give you a true feel for her style.

Sarah insists her fans should protect their hearts. My heart was feeling some type of way after giving her entire platform a listen, easier said than done!


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