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Single Review: John Vento “New Mexico Way”

Funky and loud, “New Mexico Way” is a full of energy number from John Vento’s Brick by Brick project. An upbeat song giving the vibes of old school days and the songs we used to dance to back at that time. This song revolves around the message of giving up on your troubles and problems, leaving them behind and get going searching for a new track and a new beginning.

The destination that they speak about, as the title says, New Mexico. The International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, John, writes and sings here about going to this new place in hopes of searching for some old friend as he yearns for some peace of mind through it. Listen with a high volume to these vocals and you will start imagining the scenic beauty of New Mexico, longing to go there yourself.

To listen to this song, click here.

–John Divine


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