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Single Review: Greg Hoy “Here Comes The Light”

Greg Hoy doesn’t necessarily sound jittery in his new single and music video “Here Comes the Light,” but the unease in the riffing he constructs beneath his lyrics in this track definitely seeps to the surface of the music by the time we get into the chorus. There’s a lot of unutilized tension floating around in the backdrop here, and yet at no point does it seem as though this wasn’t a deliberate result of the arrangement and the sonic suffocation it facilitates. “Here Comes the Light” is ironically shrouded in more darkness than I’ve heard its lead singer tangle with prior to now, and to say it’s an interesting addition to his discography would be an understatement. 

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The music video for this song plays more like a lyric video with some added frills, but the way it frames the source material definitely leaves me feeling even more tuned-in to the moody subtext of a poetic narrative. There’s a nice flow to the verses that never distracts us from the ebbing of the mildly distorted string play at the forefront of the mix, and thanks to the spacing created by the percussion, there’s nothing overreaching about the beat here at all – the exact opposite, really. 

Indie rockers who try to dominate the underground with a swaggering demeanor rarely get out of mom and dad’s basement; hence, when a real player like Greg Hoy comes around, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in heavy music to appreciate the skills he has as a songwriter. Though I wouldn’t say this is the most multidimensional of Hoy’s catalogue, there’s no question that “Here Comes the Light” is one of the more curiously abstract daggers he’s thrown to a mainstream audience since first wowing critics back in the mid-2000s, and it’s a track I recommend you hearing for yourself immediately. 

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