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Wingman drops music video for the single, “F Up My Life”

Wingman is the alias of a Los Angeles-based pilot who made his musical debut last year with the full-length album, Weird New Feelings. Visually, he incorporates outright references to his primary profession through colorfully tongue-in-cheek scenarios. A few weeks ago, he released the music video for one of his latest singles, “F Up My Life.” The single reflects his noting a drastic societal change in the wake of Covid-19, which is complemented by his desire to make an impact while subsequently beginning on a clean slate. It is preceded by that of the previous album’s titular track, and continues part of his goal of putting out videos on a monthly basis.

While “F Up My Life” has made a resonant mark from a stylistic and thematic perspective, it is the complementary visual aesthetic to the single’s accompanying video that adds life to the presentation. The spaciousness of the synth melody seems to indirectly serve as a conjunctive element to the similarly engaging, vivid colors of the video’s set lights. In contrast, the subtly muted tones of the scenes with Wingman seated in the cockpit seem to represent an indefinite limbo, wherein he feels on the verge of throwing in the towel. However, given the video’s showcasing it as a trial of repetitive and inevitable hurdles, Wingman ultimately demonstrates that he’s able to bounce back and continue soldiering forward.

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