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Single Review: Lordzamel – “Not of This World”

Lordzamel Brooks is a hip hop artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Under the mononym Lordzamel, he initially scored a record deal in 1998 that fell through due to worsening health struggles. By the 2000s, having endured extreme pain from kidney failure, Brooks earned traction with his 2005 debut album, Hatter Minute. 12 years later, he released Fixed Tape, an enhanced retelling of his debut in conjunction with improved health, and a breakthrough hit in its carrier single, “Free Spirits.” In 2020, Brooks would welcome the new decade with a steady output of follow-up singles, all of which maintained his signature style of viscerally engaging beats and uplifting lyrics.

2021 has Lordzamel staying true to his craft, his latest single “Not of This World” proving no exception. The song’s instrumentation channels a straightforward street-esque feel harkening back to early 2000s hip hop, which is complemented by a piercing piano melody that accentuates every chorus. From a thematic standpoint, Lordzamel’s powerful allusion to John 15:19 ideally sums up his current situation; he contently walks through life at his own pace, achieves his own success, and moreover, transcends an environment full of hatred and greed. Given this song’s inclusion on his upcoming follow-up album, The Prophecy, it will certainly serve its purpose as one of the album’s bold, spiritually charged statements.

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