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Single Review: Sin for Saints “Sad Songs”

Crisp in presentation and yet cloudy in the statements it will offer us, the poetic sensibilities of Sin for Saints’ new single “Sad Songs” are undisputedly bleeding through the words, the music, and even the very production style this track and its video were recorded using. “Sad Songs” oozes with discomfort, not because of a nihilistic attitude in the players, but through a smothering tonal sophistication that finds further kinship in the singer’s fashion of storytelling. There’s nowhere to run here, but it’s the band themselves who wind up being hunted and left exposed by the revealing and strikingly emotional construction of their new song.

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The video manages to be minimalistic and jarring at the same time, which despite being one of the more difficult feats a pop video can pull off still seems like something we should expect out of players with this level of compositional wit in 2021. Sin for Saints sound intellectual in the way they thread metalcore-inspired riffing with a blunt groove typically left in pop music exclusively nowadays, mostly for the sake of leaving aggression to the punks alone. This isn’t a group that seems interested in “fitting in” with the masses, but instead making their own place in the world – independent even from their own influences, to some extent.

Dominating and stylishly cool in every department, Sin for Saints’ “Sad Songs” makes me want to hear a lot more of what these musicians can conjure up when there’s nothing to inhibit their creative spirit. The tree of punk rock continues to grow, and if you listen closely enough, I think you’re going to hear as much At the Drive-In and The Accused as you do bits and pieces of Minor Threat and maybe even The Ramones in this band’s sound. Simply put, they’re continuing a legacy and sounding contemporary all at once.

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