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Single Review: John Reilly “La La La (Bulletproof)

For a lot of rock fans around the globe, it’s been feeling as though what was once the biggest genre on earth needs some kind of superhero to rescue it from oblivion in 2021; that’s where singer/songwriter John Reilly comes in. Hearing the cries for a better, purer form of rock music as a lot of us grew up with, Reilly offers us a new single in the form of “La La La (Bulletproof)” this spring that is poised to answer the demand through little more than the cut and dry essentials that make heavy grooves and potent riffs so attractive from one generation to the next.

Official Website: http://www.johnreilly.org/

There’s nothing to be found in the instrumental nuts and bolts of “La La La (Bulletproof)” other than raw rock n’ roll charisma, with the overdrive on the guitar parts and the stealthy relationship between bassline and percussion garnering just as much of my attention as the lead vocal does. It’s hard for me to declare one specific component of the mix the most provocative, or even the central focus, solely because of how well synchronized all of the discordance in this release really is, and honestly the same can be said for the solid-flowing video as well. It’s a collective masterclass, and one young rock groups could stand to learn something from.

I’ve got a feeling just based on how much energy he’s putting into this single that we haven’t heard the last of John Reilly at all – in fact, I think this is probably just a minor sneak preview of what he’s got in the tank moving forward. He’s got a lot of artistic depth to be explored still, and if this in fact just a sample of what he can bring to the table when everything lines up properly, we’ll probably be hearing more indie hits from his camp in the near future.

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