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Single Review: Herstory “My Time”

There’s nothing in this world quite like the bond of universal sisterhood as it’s shared by women around the globe, and in the music video for their debut single “My Time,” Chicago’s own Herstory take this bond and make it the focal point of the presented visual experience. While some might be more than content to wallow in the bloated, overstated sexuality of their lyricism and others simply dismiss the very notion of employing any physical elements in their work for fear of sounding too feministic, Herstory have found the perfect medium here, and they’re letting us know how much they can do with it effortlessly. 

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The instrumentation here starts and ends with the keys in the backdrop, and I would even argue that their melody is only existent in this space to be a foundation for the lyrics Herstory are sharing up front – not unlike the percussion as well. They didn’t want to make a straight acapella, but at the same time I think it’s pretty obvious this group wasn’t into creating something sonically epic right out of the box in this performance; after all, if this weren’t true, I doubt they would have stripped away the additional luster in the harmony just for the sake of sounding efficiency. 

This vocal chemistry is one of the major reasons I immediately fell in love with the sound Herstory are cultivating for themselves at the moment, and I think it’s important to note how much it actually impacts the way we’re made to interpret the narrative here. Had three equally talented singers not been passing the ball back and forth as much as they do in this piece, I don’t know that the moment of true release in the chorus would feel nearly as satisfying and slam dunk-like as it does in this scenario at all. 

There’s undisputedly a lot still ahead of Herstory right now, but I think it’s obvious that they’re eager to please the pop-loving masses after listening to their new single “My Time” and spending a bit of time with the song’s music video as well. I want to hear them after another round of studio sharpening, but for the time being, I don’t know that it would be too much to describe them as an important band to emerge out of the Chicago underground in the past year (and amidst a historically difficult time for the pop music genre no less). 

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