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Single Review: Project213 “Bleed With Who?”

Psychedelic-tinged and bursting at the seams with more distortion than some unfamiliar listeners might be able to handle, there’s no other way to put it – Project213’s new single and music video “Bleed With Who?” is an absolute crusher of the grandest variety. Smothering us with a suffocating brand of noise rock and stoner metal-style riffing that could make just about any set of floorboards start to quake, I immediately knew “Bleed With Who?” was worth highlighting this month after just one casual listening session. Honestly, I haven’t heard indie rock this intense in a long time.

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Though it’s noticeable that the melodic and rhythm-enforcing elements in this song tend to blend together in the master mix, I think this was likely intentionally planned by Project213’s mastermind Jared Hallock, who has made a point of employing the collage technique multiple times in the past decade. It’s working really well for him here, and because of how fluid the grooves beneath all of the heaviness in the guitar parts are, there’s never a moment in which we’re having to hastily divide our attention between two equally powerful components of the same single. That’s crucial to making this an attractive track for newcomers, who are the last real hope of rock sustaining through another generation.

Project213 offers a sonic blast of rock n’ roll you’re not going to find anywhere on the FM dial in “Bleed With Who?,” and unless you make a point of avoiding quality music in this genre on purpose, I don’t think you can afford to ignore its presence this spring. There are still some ways Hallock is growing along with his music, but at this point the veteran songwriter has made it clear to us who he really is and what this project is truly all about. He’s got my endorsement, but based on his attitude, I don’t think he needs it to keep making amazing music.

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