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Single Review: “Peace” by The ORG

Black and white beats, a clandestine melody, progressive rapping that grinds into the groove as opposed to setting the pace on its own. What more does one really need for pure hip-hop magic? If you’re The Org, nothing else, and they make that perfectly clear to the world in their new single and music video “Peace” this month. Competitors are getting after excess like it’s the 1980s all over again, but for the rappers in this duo, trimming the fat away from the muscularity of their sound as it stands completely raw was of utmost importance to them when making this latest release.

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The stream-of-consciousness stylization of the music video for “Peace” provokes increased fluidity between the verses and actually makes the whole song feel pretty urgent in comparison to listening to the track independent from the imagery in this companion document, but I think this might have been the intention of The Org from the beginning. In creating some contrast with what they did in the video versus the single, they exhibit additional versatilities a lot of us might just as soon have assumed they either didn’t have or hadn’t properly developed yet. They’re ready for bigger and better things than a lot of their peers, and it’s obvious in “Peace.”

I definitely am feeling like a lot of good things are still ahead for The Org, and I don’t see critics debating their compositional wit beyond the release of this most recent studio work, either. There’s a lot of good to be found in even the more experimental aspects of “Peace,” and whether it spurs forth a new chapter in this band’s story or simply raises their profile among audiences that could use a better quality of hip-hop in their lives right now, it was the right time to give us this song.

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