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Single Review: Porsha’s “Genie in a Bottle”

R&B is made accessible to its listeners through a combination of potent lyricism, sterling harmonies and beats that contextualize emotions all on their own, and when done right, the genre produces a sound you’ll hear in Porsha’s “Genie in a Bottle” this season. Coming out from the shadows of the American underground with a fearless mentality and musical ability to match, Porsha sounds like the true veteran of the game she is in this latest release, which takes her signature vocal skills and amps them up with a synth-powered melody just about any music fan is going to get lost in on the spot. 

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As much as I like the retro structure of the video for “Genie in a Bottle,” I don’t think anything can surpass the pure quality of the music by itself. Indeed, Porsha herself shows us that she has a magnetizing gaze here undeniably similar to the tonal presence her singing has in any track she’s released in her career to date, but the actual harmonies she conceives are always the greatest feature coming together in this piece. Her vocal could sell just about any verse if she wanted it to, and with the added emotion behind these lines, it sounds all the more affective to anyone within earshot of the song. 

I can definitely understand why Porsha has been getting the buzz she has this spring after giving “Genie in a Bottle” my undivided attention over the past couple of days, and though it isn’t without some cosmetic familiarity, it’s still one of the most unique tracks in her current discography. She’s got a lot she has to say in this release, and its radio-ready format suggests she’s getting restless with the limitations set forth by the underground scene she’s come to rule over in recent months. She shouldn’t rush anything, but I’m ready to see where she’s headed next for sure. 

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