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Single Review: “Strange Luv” Butta B-Rocka

Boldly funky but far too indebted to an upbeat poppy swing to be considered a straight throwback to the psych-tinged old school, experimental vibes accompany every pulsation of the percussion in the new single and music video “Strange Luv” from Butta B-Rocka and Homer MC. As much as the groove grabs our attention and keeps us interested in the steady flow of musical might at the start of this track, it will be the exchange between these two vocalists that makes it an instant classic in the hearts of most – if not all – who give it a spin this year.

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The mix creates a lot of definition for both of the players in this song, but I’d still really like to hear what “Strange Luv” would sound like in a more intimate, live setting (perhaps a small-scale club geared towards indie artists exclusively?). There’s just so much tenderness teased in the seamless transition from one beat to the next here for me not be curious about the compositional versatilities a piece like this one could have if played in the right venue on the right occasion. It makes me excited to hear more from these two in the future at any rate, which is always desirable when cutting a new single or music video of any kind.

For a soulful, feel-good anthem that doesn’t ask anything of its audience in exchange for the relaxing time it promises, this summery single is one that you need to get your hands on soon. “Strange Luv,” despite its deceptive title, has a familiar glow to its groove that could sweep just about anyone who likes to get down with a smooth rhythm off their feet this month, and in my book that’s enough to get me into an artist and their mission with music.

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