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Dirty Snowman Society Unleash Alt-Rock EP, “Snowblind”

Dirty Snowman Society has finally given us their first EP “Snowblind,” and they come out with a bang. The group from Colorado has made it their mission to keep Rock and Roll alive. They draw inspiration from many different rock sub-genres while also adding their own original flair. Delving into “Snowblind” shows the artistry and innovation behind the band.

Their first track, “Too Much Is Never Enough,” leads in with a powerful hard rock sound. Showing off the more alternative and garage rock side of Dirty Snowman Society, while also being allusive to classic rock and roll acts like Black Sabbath. The second track, “Mirror,” and the fourth track, “Kiss Me or Kill Me,” lean into more 80s-inspired classic rock and roll. “Kiss Me or Kill Me” is the perfect rock single, with a heavy hitting drum intro, powerful blues guitar riffs reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, and a catchy chorus; it’s no wonder this is one of the breakout singles.

The third track, “Once” has more of a soft rock vibe, similar to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, but with a hint of psychedelic Pink Floyd vibes. Beautiful harmonies, unique percussion, and the incorporation of acoustic guitar create a warm environment, with strong contrast in the darker chorus. Closing with a heavier piece, “Say Nothing” immediately hits you with a memorable guitar riff, bringing back a feeling similar to the intro track “Too Much Is Never Enough.”

With catchy choruses, hard hitting vocal melodies and harmonies, complicated drumming, and perfectly placed guitar fills, Dirty Snowman Society blew us out of the water with the release. Their unique blend of rock is beautifully cohesive with seamless transitions between songs. Stream “Snowblind” now!


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