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Single Review: Koana – “If I Fall”

Koana is an emerging pop artist from South Africa. Having originally accumulated years of experience in the banking industry, her passion and dedication to music was always present, and had specially come to the forefront in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. According to Koana, her leaving music on the back burner until recently is a decision she longs to make up for. “I knew if I had one regret in life, music would be the only thing I would regret not doing. And now I’m here,” she says. Back in February, Koana dropped her debut single and music video, “If I Fall,” which will lead her upcoming full-length album of various vignettes based on love and relationships.

Right away, Koana works competently alongside soulful instrumental involvement and a minimalist backdrop. She is clearly sexy and confident in both her vocal tonality and moves, but with a sensual maturity that gives her distinction among her contemporaries. From a thematic standpoint, she is not afraid to express vulnerable tendencies, in particular, clinging to feelings that go unrequited, and, more subtly, noticing small things in life that continually remind her of the person she had once loved. In general, it is a solid execution and a refreshing presentation that will doubtlessly grace her future material.

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