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Single Review: Bleary – “Weeknight (Sever, Pt. 3)”

Bleary is a rapper and singer/songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. The hip-hop artist — well into a decade of his musical pursuit — decided to go full-time after surviving what would have been a fatal blow to the head. With a new lease on life, he prioritizes a multi-genre, experimental foundation, often drawing from personal anecdotes that have left a profound effect on his well-being. Fresh off his debut album, Bad Days, Bleary punctuates his output for the new decade with the trilogy-capping single, “Weeknight (Sever, Pt. 3).”

Whereas the first two acts in the album deal with the initial pain and processing of a hindered relationship, the third centers around healing. The song’s primary arrangement immediately captivates with a subtly hard-hitting, yet tranquil downtempo groove. Bleary isn’t afraid to express a kind of openness that relates to disenchantment, and subsequently, acceptance, of his newfound circumstances. As a result, there seems to be a personable link between Bleary’s walk-on-eggshells rap approach during the verses, and his otherwise forthright, untethered tonality of the chorus. Ultimately, the single represents one of the album’s many vignettes that demonstrate growth, which is expressed seamlessly throughout.

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