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Single Review: Thee Holy Brothers “Lift You Up”

Unfurling a lusty little blue-hued melody that could get the attention of anyone within earshot of the song, Thee Holy Brothers’ “Lift You Up” doesn’t start off any differently than most singles of its kind would – and then Stephon Ferguson enters the picture. Portraying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ferguson’s spoken word sets the tone for everything about to come to life in the track and its music video. Suddenly Dr. King is present with us, reminding the audience of what it means to be a good American before turning the spotlight over to a house band whose melodies seem handcrafted to support the message being shared.

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As we press forth in “Lift You Up,” the march of the beat gets more infectious with every passing verse, the harmonies of the singers taking a backseat to the warmth of the percussive pulsations in an instant. There’s no slowing this group down once they’ve gotten started; they’re stomping through history, taking us on a walk into the future that is much less painful than the ones others have been forced to endure. The moment we reach sonic catharsis at the track’s climax is particularly powerful because of all the buildup – after all, the journey has made us appreciate just how beautiful this freedom really is.

Listeners of every color and every creed have an anthem of change they need to hear before checking out anything else right now, and that anthem’s title is “Lift You Up.” Together with the deeply talented Stephon Ferguson, Thee Holy Brothers raise the standard for themselves and others looking to soundtrack Black Lives Matter and the greater movement towards total worldwide equality in this latest release, which is undeniably one of the better joint single-music video packages you’re likely going to find before the start of spring.

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