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Pop Trio In Demand Is Releasing Album “Be A Man”

Greg Goldman, Ricardo Giarratana and Season 6 of The Voice’s Ryan Whyte Maloney are In Demand. Their album is “Be A Man.”

The trio that makes up In Demand is comprised of Australian songwriter Greg Goldman, Rigz Productions composer/producer Ricardo Giarratana, and Season 6 of The Voice’s Ryan Whyte Maloney. Together the group has a unique sound that combines Pop sensibilities, touching lyrics, a grand presentation and undeniable talent. ‘Be A Man’ opens up with the gripping title track that is honest, open and introspective. ‘Whatever It Takes’ follows and is an anthem for all of humanity, an ode to the human spirit and collective resilience. Vocally raw and heartfelt ‘Whatever It Takes’ is plea to the people in finding a solution in our troubling times.

With a unique style that blends 80s sensibilities with Pop, and Alternative Rock ‘Be A Man’ is inspiring to any listener and fan of music far and wide. ‘Change’ is an upbeat tune where catchy choruses and a relatable message take a hold of the ears and mind’s of all fans. ‘I Can Feel It’ is joyous in sound and raw in lyrics, the messages of love and desire is detailed with a true candid approach in all of ‘Be A Man’. Each track is crafted as an anthem for stadium-style delivery with a knack for hitting the mark on a timeless tune that transcends barriers. 2x Latin Grammy award winning mastering engineer, Camilo Silva F. engineered and mastered their album and the pristine quality is felt immediately. The album closes with the somber ‘Forever and Always’ a ballad that is an ode to remembrance, the triumph and love of memories and the finality of time. ‘Be A Man’ is an amazing album that shows the power of 3 unique talents, Greg Goldman, Ricardo Giarratana, and Ryan Whyte Maloney are truly In Demand!

Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/78UvnCtSVm9buhvn3xE2HF?si=f6jRl0CsT–T4tt9IX76FQ

instagram: www.instagram.com/indemand_music

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