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Single Reviews: War Panties “Creaky Crooked Woman/Delaware Cornfields”

Stomping into a thick cloud of smoke and only getting crazier as we press further down its sonic rabbit hole, we find War Panties’ “Creaky Crooked Woman” drunk with its own decadence before lyrics have even entered the frame. Whether we’re watching the music video or listening to the song on its own, the effect of the tension in the backend of the mix is much the same – a dizzying sense of suffocation only to be broken up by the entrance of a rather spindly lead vocal. There are seemingly scores of instrumental textures and tones colliding into one another here, and yet when stripped down to its nuts and bolts, this is a very simple, power trio-style performance.

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War Panties put on the face of a hard-hitting band of psychedelic revivalists for their performance in the blues-inspired “Creaky Crooked Woman,” but when it comes to the other single/video combo they’ve got out at the moment – “Delaware Cornfields” – they don’t seem to have any problems with airing out a harmony to make the most of its pastoral aesthetic. This band is from Louisville, and while I’ve often associated their scene more with bluegrass and a young hip-hop insurgency, this kind of post-Ween experimentation feels just as culturally relevant for sure.

I was not listening to War Panties ahead of finding the acoustic “Delaware Cornfields” and its stony counterpart in “Creaky Crooked Woman” this January, but I get the feeling this isn’t going to be the lone occasion on which a pair of their singles find their way onto my desk for a praise-filled review. War Panties have an obvious work ethic that protrudes its influence into event the more humorous aspects of their artistry, and I’m looking forward to hearing what it yields for them in and outside of the studio next.

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