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Single Review: Emodulari “Craniotomy”

Insanity looms, on the current single by New York based Indie Rock act, Emodulari.  The song entitled “Craniotomy ,” is about a particular surgical procedure, that will outright flummox, most . It’s a type of brain surgery, performed on a patient, AS they play an instrument. Apparently, Emodulari was deeply inspired by this concept. So they attached it to the idea, of undergoing such an operation, to become the galaxy’s sickest guitar shredder.

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It sounds far out, and somewhat incomprehensible, but there are at least two known instances in which a musical Craniotomy, occurred. You have to spare Emodulari some credit, for a rather original idea, as many wouldn’t have known such an amazing fact, prior. Emodulari conjures the setting of a mad surgeon , in the midst of the world’s most intense Craniotomy, with rising tension. Lie still/lie still, are the opening lines to “Craniotomy,” as Emodulari attempts to methodically and steadily construct the setting. It comes across as if you’ve stumbled upon the adult version of Beakman’s World.

In the opening chords of “Craniotomy” you can almost hear a Joy Division influence. With the thumping bass, and the slightly foreboding build, it’s akin to “Shadowplay” or “Transmission.” As the song progresses, you can hear a System Of A Down style begin to take shape. It’s left of center, but it doesn’t really seem rooted in despair, or anguish. Emodulari succeeds in being musically innovative and mildly amusing, simultaneously.

It can be a little difficult to discern what Emodulari is going for at times. Are they serious, or are they parody? Are they art rock, or modern rock, disguised? They create their own lexicon, as all Great bands should, and they seem ardently true to themselves, without being overly self aware. Does “Craniotomy” make you want to hear more of Emodulari? I believe it does, in the sense of wanting to know what else inspires them.

A good place to start would be their upcoming 9 Song LP, Damnatio Memoraie. That title would again allude to Emodulari’s otherworldly like characterization, but it is likely to attract a certain type. You might cite Tool as an example of that sort of intellectual aggrandizement. Emodulari is more fun than dark, though. They appear perfectly content with staying in their own lane, so to speak.

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“Craniotomy” is certainly distinct, and it will almost assuredly garner a reaction. It might not amount to everyone’s cup of tea, but those that enjoy Emodulari’s flavor, are likely to return for additional helpings. The song is actually extremely well arranged, and takes just as much from Post Punk, as it does from traditional rock or metal stylings. Emodulari is a band that seems to be capable of surprising us over the years, and pleasantly so, for that matter. If you are an abstract thinker, and you enjoy quirky, yet energetic Indie Rock, then “Craniotomy” is definitely recommended. It’s almost as cathartic as writing a song, while going under the knife.


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