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Single Review: TheKayder “OMW”

TheKayder croons his way through the challenges in life with “OMW” Sometimes the greatest strength of a song is its ability to provoke a highly specific emotion out of the listener or transport you to a place you hadn’t thought about in sometime.

These abilities are on display front and center with the release of Arizona rapper ThaKayder’s single “OMW (On My Way)” from his debut album Appetite for a Winner. Appetite for a Winner is also the name of his clothing brand, itself spawned from Kayder’s mantra to “Recalibrate the oscillation of your vibratory frequency”. His belief upon first reading may seem opaque, but in simpler terms it’s about staying in your lane, and reminding yourself you can get anything you want, if you believe and work hard enough. These sentiments are very much needed in a difficult year as our own. In the single along with its charming hypnotic music video directed by videographer 91 Chainz, Kayder croons his way with his playful, albeit simplistic lyrics about going on his way to catch the attention of a woman.

On first glance reading that description, it’d be easy to lump this in the bevy of lustful hip hop songs about winning women over with their breezy charms, but Kayder subverts that with his playful almost joking lyrics that come across more innocent that his competitors, immediately setting him apart from his peers. Lyrics comparing her to chocolate cake and complimenting her upbringing resemble less the kind of negging and backhanded compliments we often hear in contemporary hip hop, instead evoking a kind of childlike innocence like that of trying to impress a high school crush.

The lyrics can come across as a little too repetitive sometimes, and I personally would have loved to hear some layered escalation in the instrumental by the end possibly a reflection the singers growing confidence, but its hard to deny the tracks inherent catchiness. “OMW” is the kind of breezy playful music a rough year like this could use and the video reinforces this vibe with its delightful walk and talk between Kayder and Model Helga Molina who share an undeniable chemistry. I for one can’t wait to see where the Kayder takes himself and it’s very apparent he’s going places.

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