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Single Review: Randy Seedorff “Family Tree”

A veteran of the country genre, Randy Seedorff has been bringing his love for music and the Lord together for decades upon decades. His latest release, “Family Tree,” is the next evolution of his sound. His lyricism is still as heartfelt as ever, reminiscing about the time he spent with his family, listening to country music, and his relationship with God. His bass vocals echo with nostalgia, and as much as this song is an ode to his family and relatives, who have helped him grow to become the man he is today, it is also an ode to his religion and country music, as a whole. The record has a vintage flair to it, while still being authentically Seedorff, through and through, with a rousing guitar and harmonious riffs that really invoke a listener’s interest. This is certainly not the beginning for Seedorff, and it is far from the end!

–Colton Devonshire

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