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Gphysco Leaves Twitter Over President’s Banning, Releases New Single

Gphysco has released a new single which has called “Bright 2021”. The first single to be released in 2021. Gphysco’s plan for this coming year is to improve on music quality and singing, to become a better artist for himself.

Gphysco left Twitter permanently, on January 11, 2021, after the President was banned from Twitter on January 08,2021. Gphysco says he doesn’t believe that social media outlets should control our free speech.

The new single “Bright 2021” is the first song released that Gphysco has edited since he started music on October 18,2019. Gphysco won’t be looking into working on music until sometime in February 2021 and hopes everyone enjoys the new single “Bright 2021”. Gphysco will be looking forward to doing a song in February 2021 with a new upcoming artist named “JoJo23” to be featured, and possibly other artists to sing along with their single in that time.

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