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“Everybody’s Got Something” By Amelia’s Dream Is Timeless

Debuting in 1995, this New York City based Folk-Pop/Electronica duo has proven their timelessness once again in their most recent hit “Everybody’s Got Something”.

Amelia’s soothing voice has a magical way of transforming her relatable and somber lyrics into an inspiring tone of acceptance. The message is clear… I have baggage, you have baggage, we all have baggage, and unfortunately when we wake up tomorrow nothing about that is going to change. Amelia encourages us to not only accept other’s baggage, but to also accept our own because “nobody’s got nothing”.

While we let Amelia’s soothing voice and message resonate, Harold Stephen keeps our heads bopping with his switch ups of drums over a constant and melodic guitar riff. The duo is here to stay… as if they ever left.


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