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Defile The Crown Unleashes Heavy New Single ‘Unknown Entity’

Metalcore band Defile The Crown have released their latest single, ‘Unknown Entity’, a heavy buzzsaw of a track covering themes of the pandemic and how it has effected society. “For us, ‘Unknown Entity’ is about the current state of the country,” explains the band, “It’s also our reaction to everyone thinking that they are entitled to an opinion when people are losing loved ones.” The song, recorded and produced by Kalen Kennedy and Blake Matthew, is the second single from the metalcore outfit, following up on the June release ‘Littered With Sins’.

Hailing from Eastern North Carolina, Defile The Crown, formerly known as D.C. Mob, has been together for a little more than two years and boasts a brand new lineup. The band was working on new for their debut record when the song was written and recorded.  “We wanted to write the song as a push back to everything going on right now.” explains the band, “We as a collective got tired of hearing everyone’s opinions while people are dying. ‘Unknown Entity’ is the result.”



Defile The Crown is currently writing and recording music for their debut album, due out in 2021.


Defile The Crown Is:
John Plisko – Vocals
Brian Davenport – Lead Guitar
Dustin Moody – Bass
Frankie Gomez – Drums


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