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Single Review: Kevin Phillips and Donnie Breeze “Order My Steps”

Kevin Phillips and Donnie Breeze aren’t interested in lamenting the year 2020 in their new single “Order My Steps,” nor in the music video made for the track and released just recently to a warm reception online. “Order My Steps” isn’t about getting absorbed by the strife of the nightly news, and its main melody isn’t some retooled version of an R&B/gospel crossover you’ve already heard ten or eleven times before. This is an exhibition of chemistry and devotion – a testimonial for the millennial age, and for my personal needs, it’s just the sort of melodic treat that hits the spot this holiday season more than anything else.

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The video takes us from the streets to a view from the pew and back out to the golden shores of a sun-soaked beach, but no matter what the backdrop happens to be, the lead vocal is always the most dominant force to be reckoned with here. Phillips hands over the helm to Donnie Breeze for a rap interlude in the latter half of the track, but he holds up his end of the bargain just as much as his melodic collaborator has. You can expect to deal with a lot of decadence in “Order My Steps,” but trust me; it’s the best kind out there.

“Order My Steps” as a video clocks in at four and a half minutes, which is a bit longer than the song is itself, but don’t let this fool you into thinking there’s a lot of cinematic filler to get around before finding the muscle in the music. Kevin Phillips doesn’t waste our time with any of the nonsensical noise a lot of his closest rivals might have if given a similar task as he was in this performance; he wants to praise and make incredible harmonies, and he does both beautifully here.

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