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Connie, Helen, Blanche (remix) – Bryan Blackriver

Bryan Blackriver is an obscure musician who has a unique style of music that’s hard to categorize. His music sometimes sounds more rock but other times sounds more electronic.

Blackriver doesn’t release singles, only full albums about once a year. However, his YouTube videos will sometimes feature remixes of his songs or even new music that isn’t found anywhere else. This makes his YouTube channel a good place to see and hear new content. His YouTube channel is also a place to learn more about this musician’s personality and interests. For example, he will occasionally post gaming videos of the videogames he plays.

The video above is a good example of everything mentioned. The song “Connie, Helen, Blanche” (featured in the video) was released on Blackriver’s WIR03 album. It’s mainly an electronic song with a lot of guitar work, which makes this track a good example of the fusion-style that’s in many of Blackriver’s songs. The video featured here is also an example of how Blackriver makes remixes of his songs, as this particular video’s music includes lead guitar not heard in the original track.

Although not very popular compared to musicians with an unbelievable number of fans, Blackriver doesn’t seem to be slowing down with his art. He is constantly working on new music and posts regularly on his YouTube and TikTok accounts.

Those interested in this musician could check out his art by following the links below:


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