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Overcoming Demons: Davy Williamson Releases Debut Single

Singer-songwriter and musician Davy Williamson harnesses the power of music to help others with his debut single, “Thin Disguise” and forthcoming EP.

One element that makes music so powerful is its ability to heal. For American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Davy Williamson, music has helped him fight off his own personal demons. Now, Williamson aims to utilize his platform to assist others with the same struggles.

Today, he sets off to launch his solo career, waving the flag for hard rock, while exploring themes of broken homes, love lost, betrayal and overcoming adversity. Working with fellow musicians, Shawn Adkins, Steve Hardy and Andy Vandette, Davy Williamson has released his debut single, “Thin Disguise.” A national radio campaign is about to get underway, followed by the release of Davy’s first EP. Williamson writes, records and performs all vocals and instruments on his tracks.

ABOUT DAVY WILLIAMSON: Born in Plant City, Florida and raised in his hometown, Wilmington, North Carolina, Davy Williamson co-founded modern rock band, Third Class Passenger and, soon after, punk rock band, Ma-Shot-Pa, before embarking on his solo career in 2020.



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