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“Skin in The Game” Mr MooQ

Minneapolis based Fortune Frog Music’s ‘Mr MooQ’ has delivered a high energy, driving anthem. Opening with a gentle flute hook, Mr. MooQ starts the track off in a soft, but engaging manner. The songs opening demeanor remains tender through the first verse as a sweetly picked guitar offers background for the narrative. A subtle synth follows helping to build the energy towards the first chorus.
When the first chorus hits, the listener is given the first taste of the songs real energy. simple yet driving bass and percussion give the song an extra kick. Leading into the second verse the synths stick around, and the track becomes a little more complex with the odd interjection of flute licks. While the energy of the first chorus drops- it does not totally disappear and the listener gets some variation in the percussion. The continued percussion helps guide the listener through the next chorus and into the bridge.

The bridge drops down and gives Mr MooQ a chance to show off his vocal register and cues up a small instrumental break (More Flute) which leads the song to its final, high energy chorus. The driving instruments are complimented by increasingly hopeful, energetic layered vocals.

But this song is not just about its arrangement. Mr MooQ uses these as a tool to paint a narrative which many of us can relate to us. Hardship, loss, frustration: these are things we all know. But with these also comes hope. Mr MooQ reminds us that we can always pick ourselves back up no matter how bleak things may seem. And I think that in these times, that is something we could all use a little bit of. Give it a listen and remember, we’ve all got ‘Skin in The Game’.



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