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Kelsie Kimberlin’s Socially Conscious Video For “American Guns” Gets 1.1 Million Views

“American Guns” – Official Music Video
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Alternative/Pop artist Kelsie Kimberlin uses her music to make powerful statements on issues that are important to her and her fans all over the world. Her latest single music video “American Guns” celebrates reaching over 1.1 million views since its release on August 27th, 2020.

Kelsie’s message addresses gun violence in America and suggests Americans should question which paths to take, to find a remedy. The opening line “Now with our ammo, are we protecting all of the world, While we are shooting so many people with our weapons of war,” does not hide the thought provoking ideas Kelsie brings about in “American Guns.”

“I am not interested in creating disposable music that does not connect emotionally to the listener.  Therefore, I want every part of my music and my cinematic videos to touch people.” -Kelsie Kimberlin

The melody and catchy chorus in “American Guns” have a light-hearted almost playful tone and offer a stark contrast to the gravity of the issue being discussed and displayed. The Scorsese-like cinematography of the music video, directed by famed movie director Sergey Krutsenko, is very satirical and uses jump cut scenes that are quite graphic, but necessary. The video also highlights the various degrees of awareness (or oblivion) and sensitivity people have to this issue. Some view the scenes as a spectacle, others are clueless, and still others understand the horror of what is happening. “American Guns” makes a brave, bold statement and shares a perspective that really causes viewers to think about its message and how they might respond to the thought provoking art.

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Kelsie Kimberlin – Biography

From Washington D.C., Ukrainian-American singer, Kelsie Kimberlin, grew up in an environment that has made her the inspiring artist she is today. Kelsie is a 21-year-old singer, musician, traveler, and animal lover. Additionally she is a social influencer and public advocate for protecting our planet.  She considers herself an international artist with her mom from Ukraine and her dad from America, and has a broad understanding of the world and social justice. Kelsie grew up in a musical family, participating in church and children’s choir. Her musical influences are eclectic including modern pop, rap, rock, classical, country, and reggae.  Her biggest artist influences growing up were the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift.

Kelsie has spent thousands of hours in the studio, recording over 100 of her original songs singing about life, love and the state of our world. Kelsie plays the guitar, ukulele, and banjo but her main instrument is her voice. Kelsie’s songs evoke her passions including her love of life, family and the causes in which she believes.  At age eight, she won the top Creative Nation award, and started studio recording at age twelve.  When she was 13, she released her first online video and by 15, she had over a million views on YouTube and a big music industry buzz. Her two most recent singles have been in the top 20 radio charts in Ukraine for six weeks in September and October 2020, and played on 145 radio stations internationally.  Her two latest videos available on her YouTube channel have streamed over 2.1 million views.

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