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Four hobbies to keep up this winter

With winter fast approaching, and the nights drawing in, this is a time of year when individuals and families begin making changes to their lifestyles. Poor weather, shorter days, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will all have an impact on our lives this winter – and it’s in our hobbies and our passions that we’ll find relief and joy in the coming months. To get ready to hunker down this winter with your favorite pastimes, here are four hobbies worth keeping up with in the coldest months of the year.

Playing music

Naturally, with more time spent inside than in the summer months, learning or perfecting your skills on a musical instrument is very much a winter activity. There’s nothing more relaxing and satisfying than creating sound from the comfort of your own room – and learning a skill that’ll stick with you for life. Invest in new equipment if you need it, and take online courses or remote learning modules with respect to your chosen instrument in order to emerge from this winter with a newfound love for music and your instrument of choice.


Sports fans have had a particularly tough year. With the Olympics postponed and much of the sporting calendar cast out of kilter by the lockdowns imposed across the world, it’s been a bleak season for sports fans. But now sport is returning across the globe, this is a wonderful time to reengage with your passion for football, baseball, basketball and more. Keep track of your favorite teams with College Football Scores Online, and buy a subscription to a network that screens the sports you’re most interested in so that you’re able to get comfortable in your favorite chair to watch the action from the sports field from home this winter.


Many people consider themselves poor at art – but nonetheless enjoy the sensation of creating. Whether you’re a fan of painting, creating collages, or using a simple set of pencils to sketch, there are few hobbies that allow you to destress and decompress after a stressful day quite like arts and crafts. For those who like the idea of creating this winter, but don’t have the equipment, it’s easy and cheap to invest in a set of paints online. For those with the equipment but without the confidence, this is the time to get back in front of the easel to produce your next great piece of work.


One of the hugely popular hobbies that we’ve witnessed grow during the periods of lockdown imposed on a federal and state level in recent months has been cooking, baking, and culinary adventures. More than ever, folks across the country are getting their fingers sticky and their recipe books splashed, attempting increasingly ambitious meals that they’re making from scratch. Put on your favorite album of the moment, invest in all the niche ingredients that you need, and indulge in this lifelong hobby this winter.

There you have it: four hobbies that you should reengage in as winter draws in, bringing joy to your home during the darkest months of the year. 

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