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Autralian Inide Act Brian Baker Releases New Single “Let Me Be My Crazy”

New Single Streaming On All Major Platforms

Melbourne, AU based singer-songwriter Brian Baker has released the catchy new Indie Rock single ‘Let Me Be My Crazy’ via Origin Music. The track, which focuses on the fun side of being yourself, came from a place of musical experimentation. “It’s the result of much experimentation in the studio. I played all the instruments apart from the drums,” explains Baker, “They were done by my old friend from The Makers, Michael Barker.”

Along with experimentation, Baker used a bit of technological innovation to get the track done. “Michael is well know for playing with The Makers, Split Enz, Neil Finn, and toured extensively with The John Butler Trio, and I’m in Melbourne, Australia and he’s in Rotorua, New Zealand” Baker says, “But with the internet and like minds, as well as good musician chops, anything can be achieved!”

Meant to lighten a day, Baker warns that the song shouldn’t be taken too seriously. “Firstly, humour is good. This is meant to be a fun song,” he explains, “The song isn’t about madness, it’s simply about celebrating who we are and accepting that.”


Brian Baker is a singer/songwriter/producer living in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia. Brian has a passion for the environment and Buddhism, themes evident in his songs, music and videos. He plays guitar, bass, piano and keyboards, drums and percussion, sings and relishes his production duties, on his own songs and other artists works.

Brian is passionate about songwriting and is a student and big fan of Pat Pattison. (A professor at Berklee College of Music, teaching lyric writing and poetry.) After moving to Australia from New Zealand in 1980, Brian performed with many Australian bands, securing a Sony recording deal with “The Ones”. Around this time he scored his first song placement on the second UnCanny X-Men album, (Australian rock act) with the song “Colour Your Answer Blue”.  After writing and recording top 20 single “Heart” with The Ones (released on Sony) he went on to co write the score for the movie “Rikki and Pete” with Eddie Rayner from Split Enz/Crowded House. Eddie and Brian continued to work together as “The Makers”, releasing 2 CDs through Warner’s East West label, including the hit single  “Big Picture”. Together with drummer Michael Barker, they toured Australia and New Zealand with the B52’s and appeared on TV shows like MTV, Countdown, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Tonight Live and The Midday Show.

Brian signed a deal with Fable Music/The Image Label to produce library music which continues to be used worldwide. He’s written and recorded radio and TV jingles, short film and documentary scores. He has performed at countless shows and is writing and recording songs and music at the highest level of his profession. He offers that expertise from his recording studio “The Bakery”, producing other artists, co-writing and assisting with songwriting and recording.

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