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Red Flower Lake Asks You To “Be Brave”

Virginia-based duo Red Flower Lake recently released their EP Three Truths. The pair is a couple who have been writing music together based on their journey through love and their relationship. One of the singles from this album, Brave, really stood out to us.

“Brave was inspired by going deep in therapy and seeing how taking responsibility for my experience and being willing to look at and own the entire feeling could be remarkably liberating. Doing that with another can be pretty terrifying – especially when there is serious stuff that needs to be looked at. But being committed to an honest and healthy relationship with Abel and having incredible faith in the love vibration has made miracles happen.” – Rahimah

The track is raw and emotional and vulnerable. The enchanting piano intro immediately drags you in. The beat comes in about 1 minute into the track and changes the tone of the song. The songwriting is brilliant and brings the listener on a very real journey through the couple’s struggle. It truly is Brave to be this open while writing a song, especially with your significant other. We are seriously impressed with the Bravery this song shows.

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