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Single Review: Papi Shiitake – “Enjoy the View”

Anyone who ever said you couldn’t be urgent and slow-rolling in your delivery of a sensuous groove clearly didn’t see Papi Shiitake or his new single “Enjoy the View” coming out of the woodwork this autumn, and if you ask me, a song like this couldn’t be arriving at a better moment. “Enjoy the View” takes the politics out of pop and replaces the mundane metaphors about emotionality with an easygoingness that has been essentially absent from the charts in 2020. For a few minutes’ time, this artist wants you to shelve the stress and get lost in the sonic oasis of his craft, and if I were you, I’d take the offer no questions asked. 

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One of the most interesting structural features of “Enjoy the View” is its tempo, which manipulates a consistent, swaggering groove into something that churns out the beat at a very deliberate pace, making the verses and melodies atop it sound really flexible and even lush.

Papi Shiitake is always in full command of wherever this breezy rhythm is taking us, but he doesn’t force his words into the spotlight for a second. Everything gels naturally, and if there were elements in the original mix that didn’t, they were clearly eliminated long before I got my copy of this single and its video. 


Papi Shiitake has a wild handle and an even more unique take on what contemporary pop harmonies can and should sound like nowadays, but I would tell anyone who is interested in the underground pulse to give his new release a dedicated spin this October. The greatest players in the history of the pop genre have come out of obscurity with a sound that no one could quite fit into a predesignated space, and if you listen to “Enjoy the View,” you’ll understand why I think this artist is definitely worth a second look. 

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