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Is there a place for love at concerts?

Festivals and concerts have always been a place where hundreds and thousands of people experience unique emotions. And of course, many people prefer to attend such events together with their partner. Let’s find out if it is possible to turn the performance of your favorite performer into a date with your soul mate.

1.) Unusuality of a date

According to the experts of this site, any unusual or even extreme pastime always has a good effect on relationships. When singles connect through a dating service, they will spend time developing a rapport, but the time will come for progressing to the next level – the actual date. At this point, there might be suggestions to hang out in a bar, go to the movies, or book a table for two in a restaurant. But you will make a lasting impression on a prospective partner if you do something far more personal, like purchasing tickets to see their favorite band. Watching live music can affect a communal gathering in a way that is almost religious, elevating moods, creating strong emotions of togetherness within the crowd, but especially when you are experiencing all this with someone you are attracted to. This will give you a springboard for future dates when you might relive a special concert by watching it on YouTube, or by listening to an excerpt of the band/performer together in a candlelit room.

2.) Stay close to each other

Depending on who is performing, concerts can occasionally be intimidating occasions. If you and your partner have a particular penchant for indie rock or metal, you may well find yourself being jostled by the enthusiastic audience. Best to stay clear of the mosh pit, that vortex of furious dancing near the front of the stage. It would be all-too-easy for you to be separated during the confusion. If the premises are licensed, there will inevitably be individuals who have had too much to drink, spoiling the occasions for anyone in the vicinity by spilling beer, conversing loudly with friends instead of watching the performance, or even heckling the band. 

Don’t ever let this put you off going to see a favorite performer. When you are choosing a vantage point, it’s usually quite easy to spot drunks by their behavior and loudness. In a crowded venue, you can easily move somewhere else. Also, keep an eye on where security staff are standing guard – there will always be many of them inside the hall, keeping an eye on everyone’s safety. If someone is being especially troublesome, you can point them out. They will be ejected. Enduring an unsavory incident that is quickly resolved by stewards will bring you closer together.

3.) A festival or a concert?

Concerts are always an excellent date destination, but an even better one is a festival. Depending on the scale of the festival, you will have so many different acts to choose from. The Glastonbury Festival, one of England’s most long-standing and popular open-air festivals, hosted 2,800 performances over 79 stages in 2019. You can opt to watch headline rock bands, up-and-coming outfits on smaller but more intimate stages, or head over to the various dance tents where the atmosphere is always frenetic. The genres the performers will cover is incredibly varied, so if you feel like a change in tempo, all you have to do is wait for the next act on the bill, or move on to the next stage. There are numerous refreshment areas where you can enjoy food and drink, the perfect excuse for really connecting with a partner as you make plans about the next band in your itinerary. Festivals spread over a long weekend will give you the opportunity to book a plot where you can pitch a tent. Why not pack one sleeping bag, apologize profusely, then snuggle up together at the end of the day?

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