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Charity-Produced Country Single ‘SPECTRUM STRUGGLE’ Raises Awareness of Adult Autism

GRIP Charity creates awareness and representation in new country indie-folk anthem dedicated to supporting autistic adults in their struggle for independence

Listen now: Spectrum Struggle (Official Music Video)

‘Spectrum Struggle’, released in October 2020, is a poignant country indie-folk record that explores the daily challenges experienced by adults with autism.

With lyrics that explore the daily struggles faced by autistic adults when trying to live independent lives, the record is heartfelt, touching, and an important listen for spreading deeper awareness.

Commissioned and produced in Argentina by GRIP (Guidance Resources for Independent People), the record was inspired by the charity president’s autistic adult son. As an only child, he, like many other autistic adults, needs support to successfully live on his own.

“We hope to have our song become the theme song for all autistic adults. We pray that through the song, we can create a new sense of awareness and support for autistic adults trying to live independent lives.” – Dr Alex Cullison, President at GRIP.charity

‘Spectrum Struggle’ is now available on multiple digital streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, TikTok and Pandora.

GRIP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is devoted to community outreach, autism awareness, and especially committed to providing assistance to autistic adults struggling to live independent lives. When parents, siblings, and social services aren’t there to provide assistance for autistic adults – GRIP is. With contributor support, GRIP aspires to be a trusted friend to this special group of people that frequently fall between the cracks of other support services. Listen to GRIP’s song, “Spectrum Struggle” and join the mission to help this special group of deserving people.

Visit the charity website at http://www.grip.charity/
Follow the charity on https://www.facebook.com/GRIPcharity
Watch the Spectrum Struggle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLPiBml8A3A&feature=youtu.be
Watch the Spectrum Struggle https://youtu.be/Bi_ulzwFoa0

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