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Seven Crows Release “Secrets Of Navigation” from the album “Secrets Of Navigation”

Instrumental music can be so beautiful that it lulls you to sleep or arouses emotions you never thought possible. With Seven Crows, a project by Southern California violin maestro Chris Murphy, you get a mix of both. The album has been described as music that appeals to all the aural textures of the mind. It creates a self-described soundscape that is a beautiful auditory mesh of amazement. “Secrets of Navigation” is like the soundtrack of a romantic movie that keeps you enthralled all through the almost 4 minutes of the track. It opens with the violin sound enmeshed with other instruments in a cool, calm and collected composition.

The calmness of the violin by Chris Murphy is a masterclass in musicianship. The inspiration is drawn from ambient, neo-classical music that breezes through the senses and leaves a sense of serenity even at the highest volumes. The melody is awe-inspiring, and simply breathtaking. Most of the sounds that Chris uses come from different instruments like the pipe organ, trumpet warbles and synthesizers. The body of work is one that just takes listeners to their happy place.

DSP – https://open.spotify.com/album/6jj9zt1gEwnBGpcwzpf4kf

Instrumental music is sometimes hard to listen to because there are no words, you can’t really tell where it’s going. You just need to follow the sounds, open your mind and see where it takes you. The sounds are mellow, well-crafted, and the production quality is so excellent that you can hear and connect with every single note. Murphy is a master of creating artistic musical rhythms that are sustained over times, echoes and modulations that suck you into the vibe and keep you there. Despite this being the lead single off a debut album, there is so much to expect from the album in terms of quality. It is definitely one to keep on your watchlist.


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