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Single Review: Billy Ray Rock “I’m Bringing Rock Back”

There are some gigantic shoes to fill as Billy Ray Rock has sometimes been touted as America’s first African-American rock artist since Lenny Kravitz or Jimi Hendrix. But, with his head-banging new single ‘I’m Bringing Rock Back’, Billy Ray Rock confidently steps up to the plate with self-assured lyrics such as ‘I’m classic like Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, I’m always ‘bout that”, and “I’m a rock Pearl Jam with some Rolling Stones”. A song all about Billy’s confident swagger and rock aura, ‘I’m Bringing Rock Back’ is the perfect introduction–Billy Ray Rock has arrived, and he’s here, he’s in your face, and he wants to make sure you know. Upfront lines such as “I’m hitting it hard” and “where your hands at?” confirm this. Make no mistake, this track is a banger. Filled with boastful electric guitars and enough feet-stomping and hand-clapping to fill a rowdy festival, Billy Ray Rock pays homage, and compares himself to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Steven Tyler – undoubtedly a risky move. But does it pay off? Well, with its undeniably infectious funk-rock hooks and quotable lyrics, it’s a high possibility that Billy Ray Rock really is ‘bringing rock back’ with this jam.

-Fred E.

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