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Single Review: AV Super Sunshine “Baby Goodbye 2020”

Floating out of the misty silence on the back of a bluesy yet thoroughly psychedelic guitar lick, AV Super Sunshine’s “Baby Goodbye 2020” draws us closer with its robust harmonies, but ultimately its sizzling string play serves as the song’s best feature. In both the single and the music video for this remix of the song of the same name – released in 2015 and credited with rocketing AV Super Sunshine onto the radar of critics around the United States – there’s a lot of love from behind the glass for the smoldering instrumental melodies that give the track its backbone, but not a drop of inauthenticity to be found. 

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Every time I listen to this song, I always get lost in the fade of the vocal harmony as we get into the chorus, and I have to say that the chemistry between the singers in “Baby Goodbye 2020” is probably the best of any players AV Super Sunshine has ever invited into the studio with him. You can tell the magic here is totally natural and not the product of throwing money around at likeminded musicians in hopes of finding something special, and these days, that’s not easy to come by at all. 

“Baby Goodbye 2020” wraps up in a flurry of drums and a lingering organ melody that, while not as powerful as the guitar element, definitely leaves us on a menacing note before disappearing into the darkness once more. As a veteran indie critic, I’ve been watching AV Super Sunshine develop over the last few years, and I’m always astonished at his wit and skill whenever I have the chance to review his content. This is another highlight for sure, and if you haven’t already discovered its classic swagger for yourself, this autumn is providing you with the perfect opportunity to do so. 

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