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Introducing We Are The Saints

The Black Lives Matter movement has no signs of stopping. The momentum keeps building. It is the defining issue of our times. Music is a powerful tool that unites, and helps convey messages to the masses. Hip Hop R&B/Gospel duo We Are The Saints have done just that with their song, and accompanying music video “When I Look  At The World.”

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Before performing together they both embarked on their own musical journey. Separately sharing the stage with the likes of The  Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, DMX, Fat Joe and Big Pun, Busta Rhymes, Missy  Elliott and Timbaland, KRS One, The Roots, LL Cool J and RUN DMC to  name a few.

In 2014 they released their debut album “Passion and Purpose” and after some perseverance, they are set to release their much anticipated album Survivor’s Remorse. “The world looks very different than it did just  a few years ago”, says A.B. “and our music has always reflected the time”.  Trying to navigate through a pandemic, social and racial unrest, shining the light on some of the hypocrisy in The Body while pointing a hurting people to The Savior is the job and they have done it masterfully. They have infectious grooves that locks you in on first listen. For some

unsuspecting unbelievers, they are caught up in the song before they realize they are listening to The Gospel. Such skills are rare and “WATS!” has a handle on it. You become engaged at first listen. When the love for  GOD, fulfilling His purpose and a passion for music fuses together, this is the outcome! I am, he is, she is, they are.


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The song  will  be available on ENON Music for download October 23,  2020; headed by  Garland Waller, better known as “Miche,”  a well-known name throughout the gospel industry. Though he has widely been known as the talented musician and producer for Pastor John P. Kee for 25 years,   Miche has played, written,  and produced for many award-winning artists..  For more information contact ENON Music  gmiche@enonmusic.com

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