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Single Review: The Dead Daisies “30 Days in the Hole”

Initially so enrapturing through the unfurling of its opening chords that it’s actually a little difficult to tell The Dead Daisies are covering Humble Pie’s “30 Days in the Hole,” the all-new single from the critically-acclaimed rock n’ roll supergroup slowly unfolds from the silence like a passionate whisper. The growl of the amplifiers is gone, as is the crushing strut of the percussion, but the angsty, self-aware tone of the original version is still very much intact for this cover, and for me, it adds up to feeling like one of the most important releases of its kind to debut this year. 

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I like the unforced lust that exists between the vocal and the guitar parts in this song, and it’s obvious from the get-go that none of the chemistry here is being forced even for a moment. The track and its music video are produced as to feel like an intimate live performance, placing nothing between audience and artist as singer Glenn Hughes unleashes the words on us with a smokiness that immediately sends chills down the back of anyone who loves classic Deep Purple. Simply put; there are cover songs, and then there are moving tributes to the ongoing and undying legacy of the rock n’ roll genre like this one. 


Rock aficionados need to get their hands on a copy of The Dead Daisies’ “30 Days in the Hole” this fall, if for no other reason than to hear the magic that happens when legends decide to get together and record beautiful music. Although nothing will ever live up to the gangster energy of the original single, this version of “30 Days in the Hole” is one that I don’t see myself forgetting anytime soon – not only because of the players, but because of the iconic passion they afford everything they record. 

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