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Single Review: Sanya N’Kanta “I.C.E. at the Door”

Alternative hip-hop is breaking the mold in 2020, and if you want to understand precisely what I mean, you should take a peek at the new music video for Sanya N’Kanta’s new single “I.C.E. at the Door,” currently out and trending online. Comprised of provocative animations that allude to an ongoing struggle against oppression and systemic racism, “I.C.E. at the Door” does more than merely politicize its subject matter with scathing visual and poetic statements – it embraces a Pink Floydian-style of conceptualism that forces a reaction out of us, regardless of what side of the isle we might be sitting on. 

The video is an imagistic extension of the lush sonic backdrop behind the lead vocal in this track, but I wouldn’t say its colorful shots are the sole reason for giving it a close examination this September.


The soundtrack this piece is sporting definitely gives every frame a sense of authenticity that wouldn’t have been accessible to us with a different rapper at the helm of these harmonies, and in making it the most prominent feature here, it reinforces the notion that Sanya N’Kanta cares far more about the substance of his songwriting than he does any of the cosmetic frills some of his peers would just as soon stylize a whole career around. 

Superbly independent from the mainstream but featuring a narrative and method of delivery that will leave any listeners stunned at by his skillset, Sanya N’Kanta’s “I.C.E. at the Door” is a phenomenal addition to his growing discography and a fantastic contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement as it stands this late summer season. There are a lot of extraordinarily powerful protest songs making their way into the pop culture lexicon right now, but beyond the market viability of the branding, it’s more than obvious in this release that we’re witnessing a musician who has a lot more than money invested in the story being told here. 

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