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Single Review: Phillip Gilchrist – “Song on the Radio”

Phillip Gilchrist is a South Carolina-based singer/songwriter. Following the success of his 2019 debut EP, Mixed Emotions, Gilchrist continues to steadily mark 2020 with an output of several singles. His latest release is “Song on the Radio,” which continues his signature sound of somber-tinged, romanticized thematic angles with contrastingly upbeat, catchy melodies.

According to Gilchrist, the song centers on his recollection of meeting his love interest for the first time. Right off the bat, Gilchrist also deserves credit for a subtle return-to-form of sorts, and that involves not being confined to the otherwise stringent three-minute-and-thirty-second single length that seems to have dominated pop music in the last decade. Nonetheless, the song does carry a decent synth hook that complements the rhythm of the instrumentation. While Gilchrist’s vocals aren’t necessarily distinctive as compared to the presence of the involvement, he still blends relatively well. Gilchrist’s thematic approach effectively reflects the instrumentation in a way – being trapped in his dwelling of a fond, fun memory, all the while coming to terms with newfound distance. Going by the content of his recent singles, Gilchrist has definitely continued in a decent direction, and his upcoming EP, highlighting the ups and downs of relationships from personal experience, is a logical step forward.

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