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Jasmine’s fourth single! My flesh and blood

Flesh and Blood has recently been released (Saturday 5th of September – During Jasmine’s 8th month of pregnancy.) The song is a timeless love ballad, depicting the new found unconditional love for her new coming baby and the feelings of excitement that lead up to her pregnancy.

Jasmine is a 26-year-old independent singer-songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. Her music is inspired by the early 2000’s pop culture which has made an impact on her own musical style.

My flesh and blood is Jasmine’s fourth release following her last singles: Once in a lifetime, Happiness and Worth.

My flesh and blood: https://open.spotify.com/track/2ssdVv0E3kVJLZq5NE8NwQ?si=nAnQVlNFS8WmDuAXCmzhEw

You can follow Jasmine’s profile here for all her new releases: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2VvTS56xImNz94arrAwgYL?si=XuRzq-dUT8eMDVy33E-6dw


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