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Staying Sane In A Crisis- How Music Artists Can Stay Motivated

The pandemic is a global crisis, a situation that no one could have imagined until the end of the last year. It has led to a complete transformation in lifestyles as people are no longer keen to step out of their homes. While professionals are working from home, life isn’t the same for artists and performers. As music artists are forced to be cooped indoors, motivation levels are likely to dwindle. Still, it is possible to get through without losing your sanity and creativity. Here are some measures you can embrace to stay sane and motivated through the tough time.

Keep learning and growing

Since this isn’t an easy phase, you may not feel like keeping up with your regular practice and production work. This is the time to make conscious efforts to keep learning and growing. Maybe, you can take up a music course online or start learning to play a new instrument. Take the downtime as an opportunity to grow and you will surely be able to see things in a positive light.

Stay connected with the fraternity

Although you may be locked up at home and meeting your gang may not be possible these days, go the extra mile to stay connected. Thankfully, there are several tools and apps that you can use to be in touch. Schedule weekend calls and make sure that everyone is there. What’s more, you can even have a mini-concert for your besties by playing a new track on a video call!

Leverage technology

Being visible and staying in touch with your fans and followers is equally important to keep your motivation levels up. It is much easier than you think because you can leverage technology. According to Brandon Jenner, it is a great idea to promote your new releases and tour dates on your website. You can even have live streams for your fans to enjoy. Surely, you can continue getting the love of your fans that’s enough to keep you sane.


Staying motivated in the pandemic can be much easier if you utilize the alone time to reconnect and get back to the basics. With anything in life, including music, it is valuable to stay grounded. Perhaps, this is just the opportunity that you may have been waiting for during the busy schedules and hectic lifestyle. Use it to your advantage and you will probably be a better artist and person once life gets back to normal.


While your music gives you life, meditation gives you peace and sanity during hard times like this one. Include an hour of meditation in your daily routine and you will see the difference sooner rather than later. It will give you peace and also boost your creativity. Who knows, you may get some new ideas for your next track flowing in when you spend some time doing deep breathing and relaxation exercises.

Certainly, this is a difficult time and your motivation levels may dip more than once. But staying sane is all about finding strength and inspiration within.

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