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Raymond Revel’s Newest Innovation – Rolling Green Hills

Raymond Revel does it again. Here is a shoutout to one of our favorite artists here at Music Existence, because Revel ALWAYS seems to bring something new to the table. His innovation throughout his songs leaves his listeners constantly wondering, “what style will Revel release next?” – and this creativity is a rare trait that not all artists have.

In this particular masterpiece, Revel combines inspiration from Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons, to give you a Celtic Jig that is a must hear. Folks, this song could easily be an anthem if there were enough listeners. We love Raymond, and believe in his future as an artist. If you have a moment, give this tune a listen, and you’ll see why. Make sure to share, and give him a follow while your at it on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify – wherever you use most.

Stay updated, we are excited to see what Revel does next!!

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