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Exclusive Premiere: Roxana Labatt’s “Hauntingly Hypnotic”

“Hauntingly Hypnotic” is Roxana Labatt’s third and latest single to hit the streaming platforms, on August 28th. The Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter is a newcomer to the music scene, though music has been a passion she’s carried her whole life. Having been a successful Wall Street lawyer in New York City, Labatt shifted gears and decided to pursue her true passion as a musician after experiencing a health scare.

“Hauntingly Hypnotic” is a beautiful ballad about the power and influence music can have on a person. In her own words, Labatt says the track was “inspired by one particular experience of hearing a singer for the first time and being completely mesmerized by the sound.” This is a message all music lovers can relate to, especially concert-goers who love live music performances. Labatt’s nostalgic tune really drives this message with a beautiful piano and string accompaniment that leaves listeners longing for that live music experience once more. Although COVID-19 has made concerts an impossibility for the foreseeable future, this song reminds us of the incredible experience of listening to a musician perform live at a venue.

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